Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why are we on Earth? What is life? What are we doing?

I always ponder to answer a constant question that arises in my mind - Why am I here on Earth.
Is there any purpose? I dont know.. Does any one ever tried to answer this question and got a comfortable answer? Please leave you meaning in the comments section.

I feel bored even thought i do quite a bit of activities in life and I always feel i need to use my time to do more useful activities.. do you also feel the same? Some of the activities that I do


Table tennis - Daily
Cricket -Once a week.
Footbal - Last three weeks (almost daily)
Cycling - When ever i feel for a brisk morning walk (twice a week).
Blogging - Weekly or bi-weekly
Pool/ Snooker - Once a week (previously almost twice a day).
Foos ball - once a week.


YFE - Pseudo active member
Active donor for educating children
Visit a temple atleast once a week.
Almost week end outing with my collegues in and around Hyd (Last week in golconda.. )

Indian Mideval History: Recent read: Niti/Artha Sastra by Chanakya. Almost one research a week.
Also Recently taken to novels - Currently reading Da-Vinci Code. @ rate of one novel per week.
Hear music in free time, especially love Carnatic vocals by Aruna sairam (mostly devotional).

Work almost 6 productive hours a day prolonged over 9-12hrs.
Planning to give some certification course.. just got a book.

I feel as i really dont understand what else i need to do to make me feel ok! I still feel i am not doing things that would give me satisfaction in life. I dont know why i am here on earth.
Some time I feel i need to get into politics and serve the country. Some times I feel i need to learn Sanskrit and do more religious activities and serve the humanity.

But why I am here, what is the purpose... i dont know..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hats Off to the Mubaikars... It happens Only in India

When the whole india is deeply schocked and pained to know about the recent mumbai bomb blast.. WHen we are all still stuck with the shock.. the mumbai showed its Indian hospitality... Homes were opened for stranded passengers to sleep, passengers were offered free food and accomodation.. Amongst the huge traffic jams, you could see people giving voluntry lifts/pickups to the stranded passengers.. and more humanitarian is the huge crowd that started distributing water and snacks to the passengers struck in the traffic... Hats off to these great humanitarians.. this is why India is so different from others .. this is our traditional hospitality.... ! Happy to see our traditions return back in this 20th century :) .... Jai Hind...
Courtesy: Visit for more details.

I became a news in The Hindu!

Hmmm can you spot me in this foto published in Hindu? Where am I? (

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pained.. I am a second grade citizen.. for so i am treated!

Sri Chanakya's Niti Sastra says "Never inhabit a country where you are not respected, where you cannot gain knowledge"..

I feel now, my future generation would not be respected, nor they can gain equal education. So what is the point in inhabiting this country... I am very pained to say this..
But do i left with any choice?

I am already treated as a second grade citizen and as per the trends, this would further deteriorate... I am help less. I wanted to stay in my country and serve it. I wanted my country to flourish and be a role model to all the nations to follow.. but now after seeing these cunning ruling class (The Politicians).. yes these are the ruling class, take the example of Tamil nadu what is the percentage of MLAs / MPs that are brahmins? I guess its less than 1%! And what is the percentage of OBCs its 99%!!! and these 99% guys say they are backward and they need reservation!! what an irony...

I want to disown my state, i am very ashamed to say that i belong to such a nasty sate of Tamil Nadu...! I hate these caste based politicians who think they are taking revenge on the brahmins for my fore fathers commited crime on their fore fathers!!!

I was brought up in chennai city, i never knew what was the caste of the guy who sits next to me at school, until i filled up my higher secondary examination forms where i am asked to mention my caste as Forward!! I saw when such a forward guy as me is coming on a public transport, my backward friends were coming on luxurious cars!!! I couldnt get what this backward mean? If they feel that guys in viallages are back ward then why are these guys who are coming car getting the reservation? Are they still back ward?? This is just bull shit.

I dont know why i am being discriminated for no fault of mine... I was brain washed to think that i need to bore the mistakes of my fore fathers!

I have never done any discrimination against any one! why am i being discriminated based on caste... ???
Is this to tell me that i need to start discriminating people based on caste? Or is it to tell that I need to move out of my country....??

Any way i am getting a secondary treatment in my own country why shouldnt i go out and work for another country where i would any way deserve to get a secondary treatment...
atleast then i wont feel as bad as like this.....

Me - A Most backward Brahman..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Many more happy returns my dear Sister :)

This post is dedicated to my cute younger sister... Many more happy returns to you ... We miss you, though you are there some 10000 miles away from me.. you live very much in our hearts...

- Aravi.